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Refrigerators and freezer working correctly goes unnoticed but when they break it effects the whole operation.

Make compliance and equipment status tracking with our Dry Erase Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Log Magnet. These magnets are water, oil, and chemical resistant.


Make record keeping as simple as a picture. All you need to do is take a picture and save it to your phone, kitchen or equipment management software or store in the cloud like Google Drive or OneDrive. Then when asked by a regulator just simply bring up the picture. Its time and date stamped. Gives them more confidence about active managerial controls being taken! Win-win!

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  • Semi-permanent & durable
  • Fade-resistant magnets
  • 0.85 mm with rounded corners
  • Designed for metal surfaces only
  • Size: 8x14 inches
  • Print in full color or black and white
  • Oil, water and chemical resistant


Note: Follow the care & usage tips to avoid damaging equipment. Terms and Conditions


Dry Erase Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Log Magnet 8x14

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